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Paws of Chico Happy Tails

Paws of Chico Helps Homeless Couple and Their Dogs

James and Camie never expected they would be forced to live in their car. They have kept their two dogs, 3 year old Lola, and 1 year old Yuko with them. “They are our best friends. They didn’t ask to be homeless” says James. Lola was rescued from an abusive situation. She has already had two litters. She had a total of 22 puppies. With the help of Paws and a small co-payment from the couple, Lola and Yuko are now spayed and neutered.

“Even though times are tough, we are committed to taking care of them” says Camie.

A Small Dog with a Huge Heart


This is Robert Speer and "Peeko". Peeko is 11 years old. Three years ago Peeko's owners decided they didn't want him any longer and threw him outside in the rain. Robert and his wife Selena took him in. He immediately had a special bond with Selena. Selena is battling pancreatic cancer and diabetes. It is as if Peeko knows that she needs extra special love and care. He is her constant companion and never takes his eyes off of her. Peeeko was having problems due to a retained testicle. The Sparks could not afford the surgery, so they asked Paws for assistance. "Thank you for helping us" says Robert.

"We don't know what we would have done without Paws being there to help. Peeko means the world to us." Paws was happy to step in and help this special little dog who gives so much love

By: Judy Reed



Gizmo began his young life living in a motel room. When his owner had to leave, he ended up in yet another motel room, then in a van. When Mike Samuelson, who was unemployed, took over Gizmo's care, he was able to afford to buy his food and litter, but paying a full neuter fee was out of his reach at the time. Paws of Chico helped him get Gizmo the necessary surgery. "Gizzie" is now a happy, rambunctious "teenager" in a home with people who love him.

Mike visits him on a regular basis and Gizmo rewards Mike for his efforts by enthusiastically greeting him and fetching a catnip mouse for him over and over.

By: Barbara Smith

Rescued Puppies Find Forever Home


Four puppies were left starving and abandoned on the highway. Luckily they were rescued by a kind person, who placed an ad on Craigslist. We had lost our Black Lab/ German Shepherd mix, Ladybird, not too long before, and felt a huge piece of our family missing. When the ad came up, offering Black Lab/German Shepherd puppies, we felt it was our Ladybird sending us a message. My parents, Dave and Anita, picked up Goldie that day. She was so sweet, and tiny, and curled up next to Dave and claimed him for her own. When I saw her for the first time, and saw how underweight and young she was, my heart melted. I called the phone number, and then next day I went to see her brother. He was so sweet, and small, and sat at my feet and looked into my eyes, and I knew then that he would be mine. All the pups found on the road that day found homes.

Four months later, Jack and Goldie are almost inseparable; but completely opposite. Goldie is energetic, petite, loves to play fetch nonstop, while Jack is large, looks like a pure Lab, and would rather nap than run after a ball. They never have to worry about food or love again. As much as we love them, we never want them to have pups; thankfully, Paws of Chico Spay & Neuter Program is here to help us. Maybe if the family who had owned them to begin with had known of Paws, they wouldn’t have felt the need to abandon them.

Thank you PAWS, for helping our family.

By: Norah Bowles

The Three Kitties

Momma Kitty

Kim Leone, Jason Childers and Pamela Valenca, who share opposite ends of a Chico duplex, hadn't planned to adopt more pets than they already had. Then their neighbor moved out and abandoned two dogs and a pregnant cat. Leon scrambled to find placements for the two dogs, then later found the cat with three kittens (one too sick to survive) in the back yard of the empty house.

Leone adopted "Momma Kitty" (who she described as being paper thin) and Milo, the healthier of the two remaining kittens. Childers and Valencia adopted Bizz, the other kitten who was so close to death that they had to give her around-the-clock care for many days to keep her alive.

The three kitties are now all thriving and have been spayed and neutered with the assistance of Paws. Our thanks goes to these three compassionate people who went out of their way to help these animals and then took the responsibility of making sure that they wouldn't add to Chico's pet overpopulation.

By: Barbara Smith

Pit Bull Rescued From a Miserable Life Happy Tail Story

Mammaz, a 2 yr old female Pit Bull, was discovered tied up in a backyard along with an intact male Pit. There was no escaping him. She was forced to endure having litter after litter. This was her life.

When Dennis found her, she was extremely skinny, had bite wounds, an infected eye, and a collar so tight it was almost imbedded. “No dog should have to live like that” says Dennis. He asked the so called owner if he wanted to keep her. He said “no, I don’t care, just take her.” So Dennis took her home. She was skittish and not socialized, yet she was fine with him. It seemed she instinctually knew that he was saving her. Though on a tight budget, he addressed her medical problems, concentrated on socialization, and getting her fit and healthy. She will always be semi-blind in one eye.

He contacted Paws of Chico when she was ready to be spayed. When asked why he decided to spay Mammaz, Dennis replied “she spent her whole life abused, neglected and having litters. I didn’t think it was right for her to have another litter.” Mammaz is now a happy healthy dog. The love between them is obvious. To Mammaz, Dennis will always be her hero.

Dennis Peterson, Chico

Companion Pet Becomes a Life Line Happy Tail 2

Banji is Teresa’s Guardian Angel. She didn’t realize four years ago, when she brought the adorable ball of fluff home, that Banji would play such an important role is her life.

Two years ago Teresa had a stroke and was in bed for three months. Banji never left her side. She suffers from chronic migraines and seizures. “I don’t always know I am going to seizure, but Banji does.” Teresa said. She becomes anxious, hovers, and paws at her. This alerts Teresa to get to a safe place such as a bed or sofa. Banji stays with her and continues to lick and nuzzle. Then she runs to find another family member and leads them to her.

Teresa knows the importance of spaying. With times being tough, and unable to work, she needed Paws of Chico’s help. Now she doesn’t have to worry about Banji having health problems common in un-spayed female dogs. The two are inseparable and have a very special relationship. “We take care of each other” says Teresa.

Teresa Mitchell, Chico

Scrappy Tabby Becomes Happy House Cat Happy Tail 3

Biddle is now a mellow, healthy kitty, content to stay indoors with his new family the Barnes, and his most ardent feline admirer, Money. A former neglected tomcat, Biddle was doomed to a life of roaming and fighting over both territory and females.

Bitten by a dog in yet another brawl, a weary Biddle succumbed to his infected wounds. He was in serious trouble. Sarah brought the collapsed cat home and took care of him. As tough characters will do, Biddle recovered, and returned to his nightly prowling. Money, the Barnes’s family cat, patiently waited at the window for Biddle’s return. Indeed, the entire family had fallen in love with the handsome tabby. As Biddle was not a stray, Sarah could only act as his safeguard, checking daily on his health, and patching up his numerous injuries.

The family was thrilled when Biddle was allowed to join them in their move to a new house. Sarah called Paws of Chico Spay and Neuter Program who helped with the cost of having Biddle neutered. Now Biddle prefers purring to prowling, Money’s companionship to territorial disputes, and staying home for dinner. The Barnes family and Paws of Chico are happy this tabby has changed his wandering ways!

A Little Less Testosterone… A Whole Lot of Benefits! Happy Tail 4

Charlie is a two year old Newfoundland /Labrador with a smile that will melt your heart. About a year ago, times became really tough for Charlie’s owner who works in the timber industry. Unfortunately, John’s financial struggles came at the same time that Charlie needed to be neutered. He had started to display the classic negative behaviors associated with an intact male dog, including food aggression.

“I never thought that I would need to ask for help,” said John. “I am so thankful that Paws of Chico was there for us.” Within a couple of months, Charlie was back to being his old easy going self. “Neutering Charlie definitely made him a better dog”.

John W. Read, Chico

Man To Man Happy Tail 5

Andre loves Pitbulls. He knows and understands the breed. Tyson, at 8 months, is already over 60 lbs. of pure muscle. He is an absolute love who doesn’t know his own strength. He can easily bowl you over while trying to give you a kiss.

Andre fully understands the commitment he has made to Tyson. Rigorous training, exercising, and neutering are all part of being a responsible pet owner. “Getting him neutered won’t change his personality or make him any less protective. He just won’t be going crazy to get out there to mate. He will still be exactly who he is.” Take it from a guy who knows. It’s the smart thing to do.

Andre Herald, Chico

A Humble Hero Happy Tail 6

Matthew loves his Country, people, and animals. He has served two active combat duties; one in the Philippines and one in Iraq. Despite the hardships and atrocities he has endured, Matthew prefers to focus on the positive differences he has been able to make.

There was the tiny village where Life consisted of survival on a daily basis, both for people and for animals. Matthew’s unit was able to pipe in water for the villagers. Something we take for granted, but life changing for them. Numerous stray hungry dogs were offered food and kindness, and in return gave back unconditional love, companionship, and so much more. The soldiers became so attached to two special dogs, who they named Duke and Goldie, that when it came time to leave them, they couldn’t do it. Arrangements were made to bring them to the US where they are now living with their Families. “We just couldn’t save them all” says Matthew.

Upon entering Matthews’s house, one finds a menagerie of foster animals, including bottle fed kittens, guinea pigs, reptiles, and birds, along with his own pets. When a black cat, approximately 2 yrs old, was dumped at a friend’s house, it was second nature to take him in. Black cats are notoriously difficult to find homes for. Paws of Chico was more than happy to help with the cost of having ‘Kitty” neutered.

Whether stationed abroad or here at home, Matthew is a hero.

The Reality of Pet Ownership Happy Tail 6

Jamie moved to Chico to attend CSUC. She brought along her companion, a five year old Chihuahua named Nalu.

Jamie knew that Nalu needed a friend. She found Milei a sweet, a long haired Chihuahua, who had not been spayed.

“I knew Milei needed to be spayed. The cost of spaying in Chico was more than I could afford, so I turned to Paws of Chico for help. This experience made me realize that choosing to own animals needs to be a well thought out decision.”

Jamie Lue, Chico

A Miracle Named Pepsi Pepsi

Heidi had only planned on getting a soda. She had no idea it would be the beginning of a very long commitment.

She heard a faint mewing coming from behind the vending machine. She asked campus security to move the machine. To everyone’s surprise, they discovered a tiny 2-3 day old female kitten, umbilical cord still attached, fighting for her life. Heidi had come along just in the nick of time.

She rushed the kitten to the nearest veterinarian. She was given instructions on how to care for Pepsi. She was shown how to bottle feed and manually stimulate in order for her to poop and pee, something the mother would ordinarily do. It seemed overwhelming, but Heidi was determined. She and her boyfriend took shifts every 2 hours around the clock. The odds were not in Pepsi’s favor.

“In looking back, we had no idea what we had gotten ourselves into,” says Heidi. It is 4 weeks before a kitten can begin to eat on its own. Pepsi, now a beautiful healthy cat, was spayed at 3 months old. Heidi wanted to ensure that this was indeed a Purrfect ending.

Heidi Polonus, Chico

Dog Finds His Dream Job Lou & Ro

One morning Ro received a hysterical phone call from his sister. A man was about to shoot his dog. It seems the dog wasn’t a very good hunter.

Hunting had never been Lou’s chosen profession. Instead, the 93 lb. Weimaraner, just wanted to be a lap dog. But at almost 5 years old, and in this economy, it is hard for an older dog to change careers.

Ro raced to the rescue. Having grown up with Weimaraners, Ro thought he knew what he was signing up for. Unfortunately, Lou was in bad shape. He was severely malnourished, had infected ears, and was not vaccinated or neutered. Ro committed to the time and cost needed to care for Lou properly. Paws of Chico was able to help with the cost of neutering.

Lou’s wish had come true. “Lou is with me all the time,” Ro said. “He is just a big love who thinks he is a lap dog.”

Rogelio Ocampo, Chico


If you think black cats are bad luck, think again. This adorable stray became a lucky cat when she met a local animal lover.

This homeless cat took shelter in a field, near a neighborhood in downtown Chico. Although she was a stray, the community fed her and looked after her. “She is a sweet kitty,” said Emily, a foster for Butte Humane Society. Since Stray Kitty did not have an owner, Emily took the initiative to get her spayed. While visiting the Butte Humane Society, she had mentioned Stray Kitty living in her neighborhood and asked about getting her fixed. They referred her to Paws of Chico Spay and Neuter Program. “I had a cat neutered through Paws before, but I didn’t know you helped with strays,” Emily said.

“I wanted to do my part to help out. I just know there are so many animals in shelters that have been put down because there’s not enough room. I didn’t want that to happen with this cat.” Emily contacted Paws of Chico Spay and Neuter Program, who helped her find a vet and pay for her spay. Then she got the neighborhood together to help raise money to get Stray Kitty fixed. “I’m glad you have this program so she doesn’t continue having litters with more unwanted animals running around.”

After spaying her, the vet recommended that she stay inside to recover. Stray Kitty did surprisingly well, considering she had never been indoors before. “She seemed thankful to have somewhere inside to sleep. She was a very nice houseguest,” Emily observed. She was so impressed that she started talking about the cat at her local church.

One woman in particular took an interest in this cute kitty’s story. She wanted to adopt Stray Kitty for her grandkids. “After speaking with the neighbors, we felt this would be wonderful for her,” Emily said. “Both kitty and her new owner are very happy.” Everyone involved with this heartwarming story was glad that this loving animal found the home she deserves. Emily is just as excited as her new family. “This turned out to be a very happy ending for everyone. Thank you Paws for what you do.”

Her new owner’s grandson named her Whiskers.

Jenny Wyatt, Chico

Momma Eva Has Her Last Litter ferral cats

“Soft heart – soft in the head!” I thought described me accurately last summer. After seeing an emaciated cat “dumpster diving” at the business where I work, I began to leave cat food out for it. I shouldn’t have been surprised when, a few days later, I saw that it wasn’t ONE cat, but a cat with kittens. I continued to leave cat food out for them, hoping that the youngsters would get accustomed to me and become tame. Although one allowed me to pet it, I realized after a few months that none of them were ever going to be truly domesticated.

I finally faced facts. My boss was agreeable to me feeding the five cats now, but I had to do something, or next summer there would be thirty cats in the yard! I had heard of PAWS, and decided to ask for help. Cynthia assisted me in many ways – from lending me the traps to instructing me on how to feed the cats (boy, was I overfeeding them)!

Amazingly I was able to trap all five cats in two days! Mangrove Veterinary was wonderful, making the spaying & neutering process as easy as possible. I released the cats back to their familiar yard and within a few days our routine was back to normal, except I knew to feed less and not leave food out.

Now, thanks in large part to PAWS of Chico, the colony of five, “Tripper”, “Talker”, “Pi”, “Shy” and “Momma Eva” will be safe and have a stable existence here in our south Chico yard.

by Andrea Brinson, Chico

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