The Paws of Chico Spay & Neuter Program has been serving the Chico area Since Sept. 2005

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We have assisted pet owners with spaying and neutering over
5,300 cats & dogs.

Feral Cats

We will work with individuals who are dealing with feral cats and feral cat colonies. Mike Chestnut Spay/Neuter Clinic (Oroville) will spay or neuter a feral cat and tip the ear (required) for $25.00. In order for us to assist you with the cost of spay/ neuter of this population, we will need you to follow our guidelines:

  • Trap, vaccinate, alter and release the number of feral cats which you can manage.
  • Colony must be isolated from roads, people and other animals which can harm them.
  • You must provide veterinary care, food (can not be left out at night) and some form of shelter.

Paws of Chico helped the caretaker of this feral colony trap, spay/neuter and release along Commanche Creek. Norm has been feeding this group for two years. He is committed to providing shelter, medicine and food for Grey Boy, Mama Cat, Bold Kitten and Shy Kitten. This project was completed in March of 2010.

Ferral Cats Grey Boy - Ferral Cat
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